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Our Meet function combines the traditional video conferencing experience with that of a traditional classroom by incorporating Polls, a digital whiteboard, and a notepad for your convenience. Our aim is to provide users the same experience of a physical classroom in a digital space. A proper learning experience requires a proper educational environment, which includes all the bits and bobs that make the physical classroom so effective. So, we pulled all the research together and worked hard in the creation of Meet to address all your classroom needs.

The Meet feature has a variety of functions to make the session as inclusive, interactive, and easy to use as possible. Many online conferencing mediums provide a chat feature along with video calling, screen sharing, and even file sharing. This is all included in the Meet, however we take our application a step further. Not only do we have the traditional features available in applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft teams, but also other useful features mentioned down below. For a longer in-depth explanation of the feature functions, refer to the “Feature functions” section further along this page.


For the chatrooms feature, we included both private and global chats for users so that you can both publicly discuss issues or directly chat with an individual privately during your Meet session. Adding additional chats is also super easy as you simply click the plus icon and search for the user you wish to message. In the chatroom you can also share links, media, and emojis.


There are many options out in the digital world for an online whiteboard, but generally you are required to use at least two different applications in order to have class with a whiteboard. So, we decided it needed to be incorporated into our design. We have a dedicated Whiteboard element in our Meet which you can easily switch to with a simple click of the Whiteboard icon. The feature hosts a variety of functions from drawing, to writing, enabling a grid, and even exporting the Whiteboard as a file.


Here we have a list of members, which is a typical feature of an online conferencing application. You are able to see who is in the Met currently and keep track of who is speaking, sharing their screen, and who has their video on. Now if you are an educator, there is an additional feature to be found here. The feature includes taking Attendance with the simple click of a button.


With the notepad feature you can, as the name suggests, take notes but also have them saved to your notes in the Classroom section of Edvora under the Materials Tab.


As quick polls can prove to be a useful function to an educator, we have also included the ability to share polls during the Meet. Students can now take polls without needing to open a new program or even leaving the Meet itself.


As an educator, you can post announcements to grab the attention of your students. The students can access these announcements at any point during the meeting and will be available even after they close the pop up. Simply click on the Announcement icon located in the “More” drop down feature.

Raise Hand:

Ever have issues trying to grab the attention of your educator on an online class? Well now you can be sure that you educator notices you have a question by virtually raising your hand. This will cause you to not only have a raised hand icon by your name but also pop up on screen for the educator to see you.


And finally the settings option. As an educator, you are able to mute all, enable or disable the waiting room, and lock Meetings. With regards to the lock feature, you now have control of how late a student can be to the class before being barred entry into the Meet.

Feature functions


The Meet is a customizable and interactive space. Provided the educator has enabled permissions for students, the user is able to create new canvases in the Whiteboard, edit and download the Whiteboard, and are able to message in the chat of the Meet.

The meet was designed in such a way that the educator has the ability to deny or give access to students when they would like to. This puts greater control of the environment in the hands of the educator. If you would prefer an interactive space and want to allow your students full control of the whiteboard and other features of the Meet, you can easily do so in the permissions settings of the meet. Take control of the Meet with the power of permissions.

customization settings

Express yourself and your ideas with the help of the Whiteboard. You are not limited by what you can do in the Meet Whiteboard. Here you can create, write, and import content you need to get your points across to the class or educator.

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