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Whether it is Assignments, polls, posts - we've got you covered. With the all new Classroom feature, not only can you access the various assignments and materials needed to complete your classwork, but you can also chat with your fellow classmates on the Feed. Now you no longer need to go to a physical classroom to be able to interact with your classmates and educators. The Classroom feature provides you with an exclusive feed to socialize and stores all your necessary materials in one space. The aim is to make your life simpler and more convenient by having a single digital space for all your needs.

The Classroom feature has a variety of tabs and functions to be convenient and customized to the user. Initially when going to the Classroom page, you are met with a list of various classrooms. This page will show you every classroom you are registered for. Once you have selected a classroom, you can easily switch between other classrooms through a drop-down selection menu generally located at the top left of your device.

Once in a selected Classroom, you can see a variety of tabs that serve a variety of functions, namely: Overview, Feed, Members, Materials, Assignments, Polls, and Drafts. Here is a short explanation of each tab.

The overview tab

This is the initial space a user will see. This, as the name suggests, is a tab which gives the user an overview of the content in this Classroom; with particular focus on the upcoming events, assignments, and examinations. This section also provides a small timeline to keep track of the current schedule and contains an attendance section where the user can check their attendance as a percentage. The attendance section allows the user to be aware of what they have missed, how many classes are left and what their attendance state is.

The Feed tab

This is the second tab, where the user can view the feed, comment on existing posts, react and even share posts, and even create their own post. This tab works very similarly to the feed section found on other social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Members tab

This tab shows the number of members present in this classroom, listing them by name. By clicking on their names individually you can get more information about that specific user, from their email to their student number. You are also able to leave this specific Classroom entirely by pressing on your own profile and clicking “leave”. This will permanently remove you from the class and it will no longer appear on your classroom list. Now if you are an educator or admin, you can additionally remove other members as a “remove” button will appear in place of the “leave” for every member.

The Materials tab

The Materials Tab contains two sections, one dedicated to Notes and another to the Syllabus. Here you can access the relevant notes (in the form of PDFs, word documents, and even image and video files depending on how they were uploaded). Also depending on the permissions for this classroom, you may be able to add new notes and syllabus material, during which you can decide whether to post to the feed or not.

The Assignments tab

In this tab, you are able to access all your relevant assignments, which has the due date, relevant documentation, and needed information to complete the assignments. It is also here that you would upload your work. When you have selected your assignment, you will be greeted by the assignment's information as well as a submission section. Once the assignment is submitted and marked, you will be able to view the results here as well.

The Polls tab

Here is where all the polls are stored and where you can make or take a poll. As a student, you are only able to take a poll that is currently live. As an educator you are able to create polls and store them until you wish for them to go live. This tab is separated into two sections namely poll posts and past polls. As the names suggest, the first will show untaken or live polls whereas the past polls section will show the previous polls and their results.

The Drafts tab

Finally we have the drafts tab. This tab stores all the posts, materials, exams, notes, and so on that you have created and saved to drafts but have yet to post for the class to see or use. Here you have the option to schedule, edit, post, and delete your drafts.

Feature functions


The classroom is customizable to your preference, from the Name, subject code, and section to the color and image of the logo that will be seen by all the students and yourself.

When you elect the color and image, you will be able to preview the final icon in the left top corner. Once you are happy with the look and name of the classroom, you can press the save button to create the classroom. In the general settings, which can be located on your navigation bar, you can easily change the look, color, and even name of the clasroom if you decide to change your mind.

Further settings can be altered in this setting menu under the permissions tab. There you can further customise the classt to work as you would like it to. For example you can alter what the faculty or students are allowed to do within the classroom. This customization ranges from updating classroom feeds, to joining meetings, to interacting with polls.

Every customizable interaction for the classroom is controlled in the settings of that particular class.

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