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"I see technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity"

-Narendra Modi

Addressing heads of tech giants at Silicon Valley in San Jose


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The Start of a Revolution

A mandate for change. The choice of convenience.

In the sweeping stride of the pandemic, a multitude of things over the globe were forced to step up and adapt to the demands of a new age. As these consequences coalesce and undulate into a variety of fields, the education sector has been granted a new lease of life - a tech powered one.

Each platform that rose to the occasion, I noticed, lacked a fundamental feature. While they managed to bridge communication with videoconferencing, the crux of a classroom - the passion, productivity, and potency of learning.

Life with Edvora

A one tap login. That is all it takes to revolutionise your classroom, education and empower learners with an edge that will lead them into the 21st century. Keeping everything on Edvora uncluttered and composed, we’re here to facilitate your leap in adding value to education.

Edvora's emphasis directs a smooth learning experience with these features all of which would be AI-enhanced. Taking exams is no more a worry for you just as much as scheduling and assessing them isn't for the teacher, you are notified and can track your exams, results, or your progress on our exclusive dashboard. The complete experience is systematic in terms of functionality. With a variety of questions like the MCQs or subjective questions supported with file uploads. Clubs at Edvora bring about the fun and the extra-curricular growth of a student. You can join as many clubs as you like, host events, build connections, invite guest speakers, organize or manage festivals while also being able to follow and track all the ongoing online or offline events. There is a dedicated section that takes you down the memory lane with the memoirs. As you enter the Library you enter a new realm of growth. Discover new books, track your progress, place bookmarks, or even become a publisher on Edvora press. With AI enhanced features in place, you can convert books into audiobooks and listen to them on the go or consume high quality animated visuals curated from a long text that you were too bored to read. With Enterprise Resource Planning, administrators can digitize their everyday administrative activities on a comprehensive management dashboard with dedicated enterprise support.

"Edvora can be for education technology what Apple is for personal computers."

Dhruv Singh, CEO

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